Online Personal Training; could this be the answer to your New Year’s health and fitness goals?

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Online Personal Training; could this be the answer to your New Year’s health and fitness goals?

Even before the global pandemic keeping up a health and fitness regime took some serious effort. At Victoria James Concierge we take our clients lifestyle requirements seriously and are always looking at ways to help them fit in more ‘me’ time in what seems like endless days of zoom calls, home-schooling or just everyday life. We had a chat with Jack Moon, an experienced online personal trainer from London to find out the top 5 reasons why you should give it a go.

Online personal training involves a real trainer dedicated to ensuring you reach your health and fitness goals, providing flexibility in schedule and location. Utilising a blended coaching model of online and, when possible in person training, clients are getting better results than ever.

1. A health and fitness goal for life, not just for New Year!

You started so eager and inspired to create a new toned body, you got the app but the results are not showing and the nutrition plans are not sustainable. “Exercise and nutrition plans that are not tailored specifically to the client inevitably lead to the client having to shape their lifestyle to fit around the plan - rather than having a plan fit their lifestyle. This creates an environment where yoyo dieting and recurring injury become an issue, online personal training allows a client’s lifestyle and goals to be carefully explored and a bespoke plan built to fit them.”

2. Work with the best

You literally can work with anyone in the world, someone online who specializes in what you need is far easier than finding the same credentials within a 30 mile radius of your home. Online training is a fantastic way to get expert help no matter where you are.

3. Truly personal

“Clients often use exercise to ‘make up’ for other lifestyle choices. This frames exercise as a punishment and causes lifestyle, food, recovery and exercise to clash rather than working together.” Jack feels that having an online coach by your side helps identify and implement small changes that can have a huge impact. By building good habits at a pace that suits you, and having a coach on call to support you, it is easier than ever to stay on track and achieve that fitness goal.

4. Time used well

You have only 20 minutes to spare in a jam-packed schedule and need a workout you can easily squeeze in - then online personal training might be your best bet! Quickly get changed into activewear grab your phone or laptop and away you go with a workout tailored to you. With health and fitness being a lifelong pursuit you can enjoy the ease of online sessions day to day and become knowledgeable in how to get the most out of your body in a time efficient way.

5. Covid-19 friendly exercise

Putting aside a once in a lifetime pandemic, inevitabilities such as holidays and social plans can often scupper progress towards your health and fitness goals. Having a coach by your side who understands the demands of your lifestyle and can adapt your health and fitness plan around these frequent hurdles makes the process sustainable.

All of this adds up to a health and fitness plan that is catered to you, led by your online personal trainer, that will get you to your health and fitness goals even in a pandemic.

Overall, Jack feels that online personal training provides a novel solution to some of the common pitfalls to achieving health and fitness goals. “There’s a lot to exercise and nutrition science and plenty of conflicting information around and it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. Having someone by your side to guide you can really help with that “lost at sea” feeling.” Hire an online personal trainer today and get started on your new health and fitness goal.

Thanks to Jack Moon (professional Personal Trainer) Jack can be contacted at or get in touch with us at Victoria James Concierge to arrange for your very own online Personal Trainer, we can find the right trainer for you wherever you are living.


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