Luxury fashion is the sustainable answer

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Luxury fashion is the sustainable answer

Sustainability in everything we do and buy is vital to the health of our planet. However, fashion rightly has a bad name when it comes to sustainability.

Fashion is a sustainability headache - it takes 20,000 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans, less than 1% of clothing is recycled and the fashion industry is the third most polluting industry on the planet. In addition, cheap fast fashion is associated with modern slavery. Consumers are becoming more conscious, and it turns out that luxury fashion could be the answer to the sustainable fashion conundrum. Fashion needn’t have the negative impact that it does.

Let’s look at what makes luxury fashion more sustainable and how some high-end brands are leading the way, enabling us to make luxury but sustainable choices.

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Sourcing is a big problem for fashion sustainability because of transport (goods travelling long distances and back and forth for different components have a huge carbon footprint). But it’s also a problem because the material’s origin determines its impact on the planet. For example, organic cotton produced in Europe travels less distance but also has less impact on the ecosystems of the area in which it was produced due to tighter regulations. A good example is Saint + Sofia which only uses GOTS organic cotton and only uses eco-friendly packaging materials. Additionally, Mulberry has released its Lowest Carbon Collection which uses lowest carbon leather and carbon neutral factories in Somerset.

Less waste

Most high-street fashion isn’t designed to last. In fact, it’s designed to be worn a few times and discarded with the next trend. Luxury fashion flips this concept on its head. It’s designed to be timeless and last. Luxury fashion items still look fabulous time after time. The luxury fashion market is taking this advantage one step further. For example, Mulberry Exchange matches pre-loved and restored classics with new owners. Another example is Burberry who offers rental and resale through Wardrobe HQ. You could, if you wish, rent a classic Burberry trench coat by the week, or buy second hand with its authenticity guaranteed. Add-on the charitable give-back programme attached to Wardrobe HQ which supports disadvantaged women, and it’s a real feel-good and sustainable approach to fashion.

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Luxury fashion designers are aware that sustainability is essential for the planet, but also for their reputation. As such, consumers can confidently choose luxury items knowing they fare well in sustainability terms. Anya Hindmarch, famed for her I’m Not a Plastic Bag canvas totes, has now launched biodegradable leather bags using traceable skins from Swedish farms made using an all-natural tanning process. At the end of the product’s life, the bag won’t be harmful waste.


Luxury fashion brands are only as successful as their reputation. Unlike fast fashion brands, they appeal to their customers not only because of looks but because of what they stand for. As consumers become more conscious in their fashion decisions, luxury brands are streets ahead of other brands by leading the way with being caring to the planet and ethical to societies. For example, luxury brands often fund conservation, offset carbon production and contribute to communities and the planet through schemes such as education or planting trees.

Feel good, look great and choose sustainable fashion

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