It's Time to Freshen Up - Spring Cleaning your Home and Wardrobe with a Twist

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It's Time to Freshen Up - Spring Cleaning your Home and Wardrobe with a Twist

When we hear spring, we instantly think of new beginnings. Spring is fresh, its a time of blossoming, rebirth and rejuvenation. It is no secret that we have all probably spent the last few months feeling confined and restricted in some way, so now is the best time to hit life’s reset button.

If you are anything like me, the cabin fever is probably starting to set in, you are itching for a change of scenery, and your home space doesn’t feel quite like the sanctuary it used to. When it comes to my wardrobe, I know that my favourite wardrobe pieces are tired of seeing me reach for my more casual clothes every morning. It’s definitely time for a change.

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About Home Organisation

There are so many ways to bring functionality and a new lease of life to your home and wardrobe when spring cleaning. Before we get into them, let me introduce myself. I am Jess, founder of Life Styling; a professional Home Organisation business focused on style, simplicity and sustainability. Using bespoke organisation systems for homes and wardrobes, we create long-term solutions for our clients to live simple and calm lives.

Home Organisation involves implementing systems to manage your spaces for a tidier home and a refreshing change. It’s a way to increase your quality of life, regain your time and re-establish control in ways that work for you. There are generally four types of organisation personalities; from the lovers of displays and visual stimulation to the people that thrive with minimal visual clutter.

Home organisation is a great way to kick-start your spring refresh to renew you and your home. Let’s look at some of the ways we can use home organisation techniques to restore and revitalise your home and wardrobe this spring.

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Behind Closed Doors

Home organisation doesn’t always need to happen in the most visible areas of your home. You’d be surprised to know how much decluttering a cupboard with functional (and stylish!) storage systems can give you a feeling of peace and clarity.

Take decanting for instance – by placing your foods into functional jars, you’ll be able to organise your food cupboards, whilst keeping track of the food and quantities you have and what needs replenishing.

Decanting a great way to declutter, optimise your space and help you live sustainably by reducing your food waste. Its also a great way to add style and personality with your kitchen, with countless jar styles on the market.

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From Wardrobe Malfunction to Functional Wardrobe

Now to tackle the wardrobe! Through the tiers and lockdowns, the majority of your clothes are probably gathering dust. At Life Styling, we curate structured and functional wardrobes for our clients by combining personal style and fashion expertise.

Going through your clothes can seem intimidating and overwhelming, but creating a capsule wardrobe is a simple solution to freshening up your wardrobe. This process involves rediscovering your favourite pieces and re-assessing your new style to declutter and create a wardrobe that works for you.

The benefits of a capsule wardrobe are (almost) endless! From utilising all of your clothes and soothing your decision-making process to giving you a clear mindset, nothing says ‘new year, new me’ like a new and easy- to-navigate wardrobe.

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Breaking it Down

Organising, decluttering, and spring cleaning doesn’t always have to feel like a daunting chore. If done correctly, it can bring you mental clarity and peace of mind. There are many ways to ease yourself into it. Start by asking yourself:

  • What is the room, area, or space that needs my attention the most?
  • What is frustrating me in my home, and how can I fix it?

Breaking it down and making a list will instantly feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. This can be the starting point to making your home more manageable. Now is a perfect time reclaim your time and restore calm in your life. Happy Organising!


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