Getting a private chef is the new going out!

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Getting a private chef is the new going out!

Even before a global pandemic wreaking havoc on your social life, making plans for a meal out with friends and family took concerted effort. There’s weeks of back and forth over messages, trying to pin down that elusive date. Even then, you’re not home and dry. There are babysitters imposing curfews and designated drivers and more.

Why you should hire a personal chef

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, but you are missing a trick. A private chef is the answer to all these woes and they come with a delectable menu of benefits.

1. Every little thing. Chido Plunkett of DaChi’s Restaurant to You service explains: “You don’t have to lift a finger before, during or after! The service includes your very own personal chef, a hostess/waitress, bespoke menu, wine pairing service, quality crockery and cutlery, glassware, table linen and table decorations. You essentially become a guest at your own dinner party. The best part is that the dreaded clean-up is included!” With a private chef coming to your home or holiday home, the downsides of home entertaining are eliminated.

2. You become the best host. Holding a dinner party can often become a case of spinning plates, figuratively speaking anyway. Listening intently to your friend’s latest escapade is marred whilst you mentally consider how long you can refrain from interrupting before the dinner burns, whilst also being aware that your other friend’s glass is magically empty again. With a private chef, along with their waiting staff, you can focus solely on being an excellent host or hostess. There’s no nipping out mid-conversation or missing the punchline because you were rescuing the sauce.

3. Time, precious time. It’s easy to underestimate just how long dinner party preparations take. If you want to do more than appear like you can barely throw a Spag Bol together then preparations can take hours or even days. Taking time off work and ending up exhausted before your guests even arrive means it’s rare that the host enjoys the event as much as the guests. A private chef swoops in with preparations done and makes it completely effortless from your perspective. No slaving over a hot stove wondering why you ever attempted this recipe, no internet-searching wine combos, and no morning after clean-up.

4. Learn from the masters. With time on your hands before the guests arrive, many private chefs are willing to share their top tips with you. You’ll learn how they pull off incredible feats of dining wonder. It’ll make you more confident and capable for next time.

5. All tastes catered for. Back to your pre-party message ping pong; the date is just one difficulty in the run-up. Next is the deluge of messages requesting vegan, gluten-free and ‘oh I can’t bear brassicas’. It’s enough to send the most experienced chef into a tailspin. Private Chefs are pros at this. They’ll work in all the dietary requirements whilst ensuring a taste sensation which will leave people remembering the evening for a long time to come.

6. Covid-friendly entertaining. Lastly, a private chef is the solution when you’re looking for Covid-friendly dining. As Chido’s husband, David, says, “We’ve noticed a massive increase in the demand for private dining services. We have had bookings from people who were unable to celebrate a birthday during lockdown, to people who are fed up of eating their own food but don’t want to go out, to people who want to catch up with their loved ones in a safe space. We believe the trend will continue as you get to enjoy the best of both worlds in an environment you can control.” A private chef ensures the social life you want isn’t totally lost thanks to Covid.

Have we tempted you with a tantalising taste of what’s to come with a private chef? Get in touch with us at Victoria James Concierge to arrange a private chef for your dinner party.


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